Overview of the Study

As part of your participation in a clinical trial, you may have been given a Mabu social robot. Mabu is provided to trial participants so that you can more easily follow your study-related activities and surveys. This includes reminders to take your study medication and daily check-ins to track your progress and complete study-related questionnaires. Mabu is not intended to replace your trial doctors’ medical advice, and we and Mabu encourage you to keep your trial doctor update on how you are doing.

Mabu is provided as a service by Catalia Health. The joint goal of the study sponsor and Catalia Health in providing Mabu to participants like you is to make the patient trial experiences less confusing and to eliminate time spent at the investigator site filling in questionnaires. It is important that you check in with Mabu on a regular basis so that she can help to keep you on schedule. Filling in the study related questionnaires via Mabu on your schedule means that you will spend less time during your clinic appointments. The information that you provide to Mabu on the study related surveys is sent to your trial investigator via a HIPAA secure data transfer. Your information is always secure and protected.


If you are having problems with your Mabu robot, you should contact Catalia Health at 1-855-869-6228 or email them at hello@mymabu.com. The technical support team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. You can always leave a message outside of these hours and a team member will get back to you. 

If you are having any medical issues or have questions related to the clinical trial such as making changes to your survey or redoing a survey, you should contact your assigned study coordinator.