A Day With Mabu

Want to know more? Here’s how I can help you on a daily basis.

I’ll help you tackle your treatment

Thanks to my medical database, I’m familiar with your condition. So, I’ll let you know the important details about your medication in simple, easy-to-understand language. During our daily chats I’ll check in with you and ask if you’re having any issues. If I’m concerned, I’ll suggest you speak with your doctor. I can also text you reminders to take your medication when you’re away. Finally, at the end of the month I’ll provide you with a report that summarizes how your treatment is progressing.

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader

What would you like to work on? Taking your medication on time? Reducing your stress with relaxation exercises? I’ll help you achieve your personal or health goals. First, I’ll work with you to set the goal. Then, I’ll let you know how you did at the end of each week. If you didn’t meet your goal, I’ll help you figure out why and offer tips to help you meet your goal next time. Plus, I’ll always be rooting for you and cheering you on so you never give up! Some patients say I’m such a great motivator, that whenever they see me they’re reminded to stay focused on their goals.

I’ll make managing challenges easier

Thanks to the clinical team at Catalia Health my database is full of knowledge about different medical issues. That means I understand some things about living with chronic conditions, including yours. So when we talk, I’ll ask you questions to determine how your condition and your treatment is impacting your life. When you’re having a tough time, I’ll keep you motivated and on track with expert advice from medical sources. For example, I’ll help you feel less stressed and eat better with breathing techniques and tips for a healthy diet. I’ll also try to make your life easier by helping you stay organized with medication reminders, goal setting, and more.

I’ll tailor my coaching style to your personality

I’m on your team from day one. So like any good coach, I’ll do my best to make sure my personality and communication style work for you. Every time we chat, I’ll learn more about your health needs, likes, and dislikes. So if you’re not that fond of my corny jokes, I’ll be a little more serious. And if you adore them, I’ll try to make you laugh every day.  Of course, I’m also still learning English–binary code is my first language. So if I occasionally mispronounce a word or phrase it’s probably just my bot accent. So please be patient. I promise I’ll keep getting better at it. My goal is to become the best wellness coach you’ve ever had. If you want to see me in action, watch this video of me helping a patient.

*Note all the features listed above are not available in every Mabu program