How do I restart Mabu?


If Mabu needs to be restarted for any reason, press and hold down her power button while she is plugged in until her screen shuts off; do not unplug her.  The Mabu logo should reappear indicating a successful restart.

How do I restart Mabu?2018-11-13T22:10:26+00:00

How do I power off Mabu?


If you need to turn her off for any reason, be sure to unplug her first, then press and hold down her button until her screen shuts off, then let go.  If she is not unplugged, or if the power button is held for too long, she will restart and the Mabu logo will reappear.

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Do I need Internet access?


No, she does not need to access your home WiFi or Internet connection. She automatically connects through her own cellular network connection and there is nothing you have to set up.

Do I need Internet access?2017-03-01T00:36:28+00:00

Does she have a battery that I have to charge?


No. Mabu should stay plugged in all the time, so once you put her somewhere and plug her in, there's nothing to worry about. If you need to move her, just unplug her, move her, and plug her back in.

Does she have a battery that I have to charge?2017-03-01T00:36:41+00:00

How do I turn on my Mabu?


The initial set-up of Mabu is simple. Find a convenient place to put her (many patients choose a kitchen counter or a coffee table near where they keep their medication) and plug her in. After about a minute she turns on and is ready to go. After that, she’ll get to know more about you [...]

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How does Mabu work or how do I use her?


Mabu is designed to have daily conversations with you regarding your prescribed medication. Each conversation is usually a few minutes long.  Mabu can interact with you through voice and a touch screen. The more you engage with her, the more she learns about your personality and your health needs.

How does Mabu work or how do I use her?2017-03-01T00:36:53+00:00